Implants Are Safe and Versatile

Although they were initially marketed as an alternative to dentures for patients missing all of their natural teeth, today’s implants can be used to replace any number of teeth. This versatility is one of the chief advantages to replacing missing teeth with implants rather than dentures or bridges.

Restore Multiple or Single Missing Teeth

Benefits of Dental Implants Include:

Some of the key cosmetic benefits of dental implants include:

  • Improves the quality of your smile
  • Fills any gaps in your smile
  • Boost self-confidence and increases self-esteem
  • Creates an even and uniform smile
  • Preserves facial structure
  • Stimulates the jaw bone to prevent deterioration that could impact the facial structure

Considering Dental Implants? Make an Informed Decision in Denver, NC!

We regularly receive calls from people like you who are curious about whether or not they should invest in a dental implant in Denver, NC or the surrounding area. What we always say is that candidates for tooth implant surgeries end up happier with their smiles. However, Dr. Monte McCourt will need to see you and examine your situation to determine which dental implant procedures may be right for your individual needs.

What are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

Dental implants provide a permanent solution to tooth loss. Rather than leaving “gaps” in your smile, you can have a tooth implant procedure and regain the look of a full grin. Of course, there are benefits to getting a dental implant in Denver, NC that go beyond esthetics:

  • Dental implants will help provide a “placeholder” for teeth you have lost. This will stimulate and protect the bone in and around the tooth socket. Without stimulation, bone deteriorates over time.
  • A tooth implant can be easier to maintain than traditional removable dentures. You never need to remove a tooth implant; you simply treat it as you would any other tooth.
  • A tooth implant should last a lifetime.
  • A tooth implant is the closest replication of a natural tooth structure.

Do not hesitate any longer. Find out what you deserve to know regarding dental implants and start to love the way your mouth looks and feels.

What Kind of Dental Implant Procedures are Available?

Dr. McCourt has a number of technologically advanced tooth implant treatment plans that he uses to improve the health and appearance of patients in Denver, NC.  To find out more, please call our office at your earliest convenience and schedule an appointment.

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