Symptoms Of A Bigger Issue

Some of the signs and symptoms you should be aware of include: 

  • Sore or inflamed gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Pus buildup around the tooth
  • Food getting stuck between the teeth or under the gums
  • Gum recession

The above mentioned symptoms are also indications of an active infection in your mouth.

Loose Teeth? Schedule An Appointment!

Gum Disease Can Cause Loose Teeth

Loose teeth can be a sign of gum disease and other oral health problems that may lead to tooth loss and damage of the supporting structure and bone.

If your teeth are loose, schedule an an oral examination right away!

Do You Have Bleeding Gums? Bad Breath: Sign of Gum Disease

Loose Teeth Require a Visit to the Dentist in Denver, NC

Are you experiencing loose teeth? It can be an alarming symptom, especially if it seems to happen suddenly. Even gradual tooth loss can cause patients to worry. Instead of adding to your stress level, make an appointment with Dr. Monte McCourt to discuss your loose teeth in Denver, NC.

Teeth can become loose for a number of reasons. Some of the top causes of loose teeth observed by Dr. McCourt in his practice include:

• Gum disease or gum recession that has not been addressed
• A sudden injury to the mouth, such as a blow to the jaw
• An infection in the bone, such as that caused by infected pulpal tissue within the center of a tooth

Fortunately, there are various treatments available to those with gum recession, gum disease, and loose teeth in Denver, NC.

What Happens If You Ignore Loose Teeth?

In the case of loose teeth, ignoring this condition will do no good. In fact, they will likely become much worse and possibly cause widespread oral health concerns. Many people who allow their loose teeth to remain without seeking professional dental advice find themselves losing their teeth, experiencing gum tissue and bone deterioration, and battling progressing gum recession in adjacent areas of their mouth.

Loosing even a single tooth can seriously impact the oral environment. Teeth have a natural tendency to shift or drift, and work to keep neighboring teeth in place. So when one or more are lost, the remaining teeth will gradually move to fill any empty spaces.

Certainly, every case of loose teeth is unique; that is why you should contact Dr. McCourt for a full examination. Together, we can determine the best plan to address your loose tooth or teeth, as well as protect your other teeth from a similar fate in Denver, NC. Remember: there is help for every dental concern, including teeth that have become loose.

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