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If Your Gums Bleed When You Brush, Floss or Eat You May Have Gum Disease

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Do Your Gums Bleed When You Brush or Floss?

Sore and painful gums should not be ignored. If you have bleeding gums, set up an appointment for an oral evaluation with your doctor as soon as possible. Here is a closer look at some common causes of bleeding gums:

Gums That Bleed Require a Dental Health Professional’s Attention in Denver, NC

No matter what you may have heard, it is never natural or normal for gums to bleed. Even if you brush or floss twice a day, you should not see any “pink” in the sink. If you start to notice that your gums are bleeding after you practice normal oral hygiene, it is time to take action. After all, you could have undiagnosed gingivitis or periodontal disease. Dr. Monte McCourt has treated many patients who have bleeding gums in Denver, NC and the surrounding region. After a thorough examination, he will be able to give you an idea as to why your gums are bleeding. Together, you can map out a plan to fix this problem.

Reasons Behind Gum Disease

The health of your mouth plays a role in the health of your entire body, so any signs of gum disease need to be taken seriously. Bleeding gums are one of the symptoms of gum disease and can be a sign that your gums have become inflamed or infected.
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Some of the most common reasons for bleeding gums include:

Gingivitis or periodontitis that has gone undetected
Medications you may be taking that have blood thinning properties, such as aspirin, high blood pressure mediations, birth control pills, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS)
Hormonal fluctuations you are experiencing (Pregnant women often come to Dr. McCourt for treatment of bleeding gums and gingivitis, as do those in the middle of menopause.)

Say Goodbye to Your Bleeding Gums in Denver, NC and Hello to a Wonderful Smile

Bleeding gums and conditions like gingivitis are not just irritating; they can be unattractive, too. If you want to love the reflection you see in the mirror thanks to healthy teeth and gums, give our office a call today. The faster you contact Dr. McCourt, the faster you can be on your way to having the smile you deserve in Denver, NC. Remember, healthy gum tissues should never bleed. If you are noticing bleeding or inflamed gums, schedule your consultation with Dr. McCourt as soon as possible.

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