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Correcting Bone Loss With Bone Grafting Procedures!

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Restore Your Facial Appearance Now!

It is common to experience bone loss around the teeth as a result of progressive disease, infection or trauma. However, bone loss can limit our ability to restore your smile using methods like dental implants or implant supported dentures. We offer bone augmentation and bone grafting procedures to replace lost bone. Bone grafting can also restore the proper facial contours where bone is missing in the font of the mouth.

Bone Loss Occurs Immediately After Tooth Loss

Bone loss in the jaw bone is common when one or more teeth have been lost due to injury, decay, or trauma. Without the tooth in place to stimulate the jaw bone, the bone around the missing tooth will begin to deteriorate.

Not Enough Bone for Your Dental Implant Treatment in Denver, NC? We Have Answers.

Missing teeth can happen to people of all ages and for a wide variety of reasons, including injury, disease, and severe decay. Fortunately, there are numerous dental treatments available that can provide wonderful replacements, such as dental implants. Before you receive a dental implant, however, you may need to enhance the bone surrounding the place where you lost your tooth. If this is the case, talk with Dr. Monte McCourt about having a bone graft in Denver, NC.
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Bone Grafting: A Proven Way to Increase Bone Strength

A bone graft allows Dr. McCourt to take bone from elsewhere and surgically place it where it is most needed. After a few months, the newly grafted bone area will be ready to undergo procedures necessary for treatments like the insertion of a dental implant.

There are three types of bone grafting:

1. Autogenous Graft:

Taking bone from elsewhere on the patient’s body

2. Allograft:

Taking bone from a human cadaver donor (bone bank)

3. Xenograft:

Taking bone from a nonhuman donor (such as a bovine)

Three Frequently Asked Questions about Bone Grafts

As your oral health professional, Dr. McCourt will always only recommend treatments that have a track record of working. Your safe outcomes will always be a top consideration.
Every dental insurance plan is different. Our office can help you determine if your plan covers bone grafting procedures as part of dental implant treatments.
Depending upon which bone graft you have, you may have one or two surgical sites. Dr. McCourt will explain your options more during your appointment to discuss the process. If teeth have been lost due to periodontal disease or if loss occurred some time ago, bone grafting may be necessary prior to the placement of dental implants. To determine which kind of bone graft in Denver, NC will best fit your needs, contact Dr. McCourt today.

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