Gum Recession- Denver, NC

Gum Recession Can Be Avoided By Seeking Early Treatment for Gum Disease

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Factors That Affect Gum Recession

Gum recession occurs when the gums start to pull back from the roots of your teeth.
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Steps To Prevent Recession

Steps suggested to prevent gum recession include:

Gum Recession Is a Sign That Should Not Be Ignored in Denver, NC

Have your gums begun to recede from your teeth? At the first sign of this dental health issue, you should feel free to contact Dr. Monte McCourt. Dr. McCourt has experience treating patients of all ages with receding gums in Denver, NC to prevent this problem from worsening. Gum recession is most often a result of gum disease. However, other factors can also be the culprit. No matter the cause, gum recession can lead to numerous health and wellness situations when left untreated, including:
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What Are the Signs of Gum Recession?

Many people do not realize that they are beginning to have receding gums in Denver, NC because they ignore warning signs, such as:


Increased sensitivity to hot, cold, or sugary foods and beverages


Periodontal disease that is not being treated


Gum tissue that has begun to “pull away” or recede from the tooth it should be protecting


Gums that are tender, especially after brushing or flossing.


Parents or relatives who have gum recession issues (Gum recession and gum disease often run in families.)


Mouth and gum irritation caused by mouth piercings, and constant grinding of teeth.

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