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Factors That Affect Implant Cost

There are many things that can affect dental implant cost. We will work hard to offer financing options to ensure you get the care you need!

Factors That Affect Cost:

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Why Should I Replace A Missing Tooth?

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Our Office Will Help You Understand Your Dental Implant Cost in Denver, NC

One of the biggest concerns Dr. Monte McCourt’s dental implant patients have is the anticipated tooth implant cost associated with the procedure they are undergoing. We know that this can be a worry; that is why we take the time to make sure you always understand exactly how you will be billed. Whether you have dental insurance or you are planning to pay for the cost of dental implants in Denver, NC out of pocket, you deserve to have a clear idea of the financial investment. It is first important to understand that there are many factors that will affect a tooth implant cost:
As you might expect, if you have numerous teeth that must be replaced, your tooth implant cost estimate will be higher than if you have one tooth to replace.
In some cases, long term tooth loss leads to reduction in the health of the bone that is supposed to protect the surrounding teeth. Bone grafting and sinus lifting can help improve this condition. These additional procedures will be factored into your final tooth implant cost analysis.
Dr. McCourt does not apply a one size fits all treatment plan to patients who require tooth implants. There are several types of dental implants available, and you and Dr. McCourt will determine which is best for your needs.
Before the tooth implant surgery, any gum disease must be treated.
Extraction of teeth is not always necessary, but if it is, Dr. McCourt will provide you with a complete explanation of the necessary steps to take.
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Dental Implants Save Money in the Long Run!

Although you might be worried initially about tooth implant cost possibilities, you should know that dental implants are known to save Dr. McCourt’s patients money. Instead of dealing with problem after problem caused by the loss of teeth, dental implants provide a permanent answer for patients in Denver, NC. Call our office today to schedule your consultation for dental implants.

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